• Specialty Drinks

    • The Yacht Rock

      Tito's vodka with Calpica Japanese soda, sugar, lemon, lime and soda. Garnished with a Jolly Rancher. 

    • Mel Torme

      Our strawberry and kiwi infused vodka with soda, sprite and lime. 

    • Raspberry Barret

      A Tangueray gin martini with raspberries, mint, lime, agave and soda.  

    • Lucha Reyes

      Fiery margarita with our own pepper infused tequila, lime and our homemade lemon grass and cilantro simple syrup.

    • Carlos Santana

      Out house tequila with blackberries topped off with lemonade. 

    • Neil Diamond

      Jack Daniels whiskey with lemonade and mint. 

    • June Carter

      Gin with rhubarb bitters, cucumber, lemon and soda. 

    • Jackson Browne

      Our homemade blackberry and maple infused whiskey, ginger beer, orange bitters, brown sugar, lime and mint. 

    • Beers

    • Coors

    • Rotating IPA

    • PBR

    • Twisted Tea

    • Stiegl Radler

    • Guinness

    • Graham Cracker Porter

    • Stella

    • Imperial

    • Modelo Especial

    • High Life

    • Budweiser

    • Angry Orchard

    • Schlitz

    • Rouge's Dead Guy

    • Strongbow

    • Dale's Pale Ale

    • Bluemoon

    • Tecate

    • Lonestar

    • Bud Light

    • Coors Light

    • Special Combos

    • Johnny Rotten

      This is a PBR with a shot of Jim Beam on the side. 

    • Ritchie Valens

      This is a Tecate with a shot of Sauza Tequila on the side. 

    • Seasonal Drinks

    • Devil in Mexico

      Fiery margaritas with our own pepper infused tequila, lime, agave and grapefruit juice. 

    • Kind Of Blue

      A mojito with Barcardi rum, our homemade watermelon shrub, blueberries, mint, lime and soda. 

    • Beet Girl

      This is a martini with Tito's vodka, our homemade beet ginger simple syrup, agave and lemon. 

    • Food

    • Pizza Rolls

      Polidori sausage, pepperoni, red onions and mozzarella cheese, wrapped in hand made pizza dough/ Served with pizza sauce. Six per order.

    • Meatball Sliders

      Handmade meatballs between fresh rolls and topped with provolone and Parmesan. 4 per order. 

    • 10" Pizza with up to 3 toppings

      Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives, sausage, pepperoni, ham, pineapple, jalapenos, fresh tomatoes, provolone cheese, spinach, Canadian bacon and roasted garlic cloves.