Record Store

Record StoreHere at Bowman’s we pride ourselves on having a wide selection of new and used records covering everything from rap to rock and country to jazz. We may not be the biggest record store but what we lack in size we make up for in selection. It’s about quality not quantity. We offer a one of a kind record request board where you can suggest an album you’d like us to order and with monthly shipments coming in you’re sure to get what you need. We have couches with private record players to enjoy your own records or check out some of ours. There are plenty of record stores, so why us? Well, we offer a relaxed atmosphere with a great selection and BEER! Where else can you browse through your favorite music while sipping on a frothy adult beverage? We are like you. We like the search and the whole experience of shopping for vinyl. We feel it should embrace all of your senses. That’s why we do what we do. Music and booze have always gone together and now they come together again in an awesome way. If you feel so Inclined we will play your records for you after they’ve been purchased. Our titles are well organized, clearly labeled and easy to find. We have great prices and monthly discounted records. Check out our employee picks and our new releases. Coming soon we will be carrying plenty of gear such as record players, needles, pads, cleaners and tons of other accessories. There is a hidden little gem in this place too and that is our $1 hauler section. where  everything is, you guessed it, $1. We’ll even hold on to your records while you relax and have a drink. It’s a stress free experience that every record and music enthusiast should discover.